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Tif Hunter for Nike (2005)

Shot in 2005 for Nike, with Art Direction from Lucy Collier at Wieden and Kennedy’s – Tif Hunters “Nike old shoe” ad still gets people talking. This is a perfect example of a long lasting advert and one of many adverts Tif has worked on with Nike. It seems even now, still so on trend given the vintage sneaker look being so cool. Tell me what you think …

We’ve signed photographer John Christenson!

Very excited as we’ve now signed New York based photographer John Christenson. Renowned for his fantastic lifestyle work, he’s shot for campaigns for the likes of Nike , Allianz , Levis , Sony , Frank , and Panasonic. He’s now up and running on our website and you can also see his personal website here – http://www.johnchristenson.com/ 

Tell us your thoughts and feedback on our lovely new photographer!