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Tif Hunter for Project, The iPad Magazine

Tif Hunter, as well as shooting beautiful stills, also shoots beautiful films! He recently made a series of 6 underwater short moving image pieces for the new and very exciting iPad Magazine, called Project. The magazine is a multimedia zine, with articles, stories and interactive ads and films. You can download issue 6 now from the Apple store. Scroll through to see the diving watch series entitled ‘The Life Aquatic’ by Tif – here are some screen shots to keep you going! 

Tif Hunter for Esquire

On purchase of this month’s Esquire Magazine we can see our still life photographer Tif Hunter has just shot yet another flawless 4 page spread on ‘The Best of 2010’ making these gadgets look squeaky clean and absolutely irresistible. Here’s some of the photographs in full and in the ‘zine. Thoughts : ‘I want to get me one of those!’ 

And here they are along with more in the magazine …