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Pete Seaward for Canon

Pete Seaward worked alongside Dentsu London to produce these absolutely stunning ads for Canon. Shot out in Cape Town. Pete really caught the beautiful light and essence of the wildlife and scenery. Big thank you to all of those involved. Look out for the ads now dotted all around the country! 

Pete Seaward for Lonely Planet

Pete regularly shoots the stunning location shots for Lonely Planet; the ones which make you sigh and go ‘ah, i wish i was there!’ or ‘how on earth did he get up there?!’ – so here he is doing a 9 page spread in this months issue as well as having shot several photographs for the 2011 Lonely Planet calendar including the cover! 

Check out his stuff on www.peteseaward.com

Pete Seaward for Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong

“Where’s Pete this week?” you all ask. This week, getting his photographs projected 17m across the front entrance of Deutsche Bank in Hong Kong. “Wow” you all say. Yes, we have no idea how his body clock works or how he manages to produce such stunning work every time, but he does. Working alongside producer Mark Cumming, Pete’s work set the scene as the never before seen installation at Deutsche Bank was put together. 

Heres some of his Behind-The-Scenes snaps … You get a sense of the scale …